Charles Cowley – Week 1

In 1868, Lowell resident Charles Cowley wrote the “Illustrated History of Lowell”, a book filled with fascinating facts about our city. Earlier this week I began “tweeting” these facts on Twitter, one each day. Here’s a compilation of this week’s tweets:

June 7 – My new project: a daily Tweet from “Illustrated History of Lowell” by Charles Cowley from 1868

June 7 – In 1647 Rev John Eliot made first visit to Pawtucket Falls returning every year until Wamesit village abandoned

June 8 – In 1652 Captains Simon Willard and Edward Johnson surveyed Merrimack Valley as far north as “Lake Winnepesawkee”

June 9 – On May 29, 1655, the Mass General Court incorporated the towns of Chelmsford & Billerica

June 10 – Mass General Court incorporated town of Wamesit (now downtown Lowell) at behest of Rev Eliot on May 29, 1655

June 11 – In 1660, Passaconaway “retired” as leader of the Pennacooks & was succeeded by his son Wannalancet

June 12 – In 1669 Wannalancet fearing a Mohawk attack built a fort on a hill in Belvidere called ever since Fort Hill