‘Smokestack Lightning’ and ‘Coffin Dust’

Coffin Dust

Don’t miss the most exciting book launching event of the season. Dave Daniel’s “Coffin Dust” and Steve O’Connor’s “Smokestack Lightning” will be in the spotlight on Friday, June 25, at 7 pm until whenever at the Old Court at the corner of Central and Middle streets in downtown Lowell. Most of the stories in Steve’s book are set in Lowell or the area. Dave’s book is described as “a collection of short stories with a touch of the strange.” Dave and Steve will be on hand to read from their books and sign as many copies as the appreciative listeners and readers can possible carry out of the pub. In fact, they’ll help you carry additional books to your car if you need assistance.

3 Responses to ‘Smokestack Lightning’ and ‘Coffin Dust’

  1. Dean says:

    Steve O’Connor is one the great new writers to come from Lowell. This is his first book.

  2. PaulM says:

    Jim Higgins designed the covers for both books, by the way. I had trouble posting the image of the cover of Steve’s book, Jim. Please send directly to Dick Howe for posting. Thanks.