Lincoln Monument Rededication Tomorrow

Let’s hope the rain holds off tomorrow morning so we can enjoy the rededication of the Abraham Lincoln Monument in Lincoln Square under the sun and not a tent. It’s on rain or shine. This is one of those feel-good small community projects that make a difference as they add up around the city.

The Lowell Heritage Partnership, an alliance of people representing more than 20 organizatons and public entities, teamed up with City Hall to restore the damaged monument and spruce up the adjoining green space. The monument dates from 1909,when Lowell school children raised most or all of the money to pay for it to be installed on the centennial of Lincoln’s birth (they collected pennies). It’s a simple monument with a dignified-looking Lincoln in profile in bronze bas-relief style. The sculpted portrait is mounted on a stone marker. Driving toward downtown on Chelmsford Street, the monument is on the right just as you enter Lincoln Square at Lincoln Street. The ceremony starts at 11 a.m. tomorrow. There are parking spaces on the street and in a small lot behind the pocket park on Hale Street.

Henri Marchand, Steve Stowell, and Tom Bellegarde of the City of Lowell staff deserve special thanks for their efforts on this project. The idea was first presented to Mayor Bud Caulfield and City Manager Bernie Lynch in mid-2009, during the nationwide recognition of the bicentennial of President Lincoln’s birth. Tomorrow, Mayor Jim Milinazzo will be among the speakers. This is Lowell’s contribution to the national celebration of the man considered by many to be our greatest president.

3 Responses to Lincoln Monument Rededication Tomorrow

  1. Marie says:

    Wonderful event in Lowell this morning – the rededication of the Abraham Lincoln monument with the help of 25 delightful students from the nearby Lincoln School in stove pipe hats singing the national anthem and “When the Saints Go Marchin’ In”. In 1909, Lowell school kids like these donated their pennies to erect this monument to honor Lincoln’s 100th birthday. Mayor Milinazzo was a great host and emcee. Check out the restored monument as you drive on Chelmsford Street – look across from the Gaelic Club.

  2. Dave Wiegers says:

    Can you tell me who I might contact to gt some background on the origins of this monument? I am working on a book about Lincoln statues and monuments and would include this work.

  3. PaulM says:

    For more on the origin of Lowell’s Lincoln monument contact the Lowell Historic Board in the City of Lowell Planning and Development Dept. The administrator is Steve Stowell.His email address is