Beck Back

Last week I saw and spoke to Jerry Beck on the sidewalk outside his home at the corner of Shattuck and Middle streets. I hadn’t seen Jerry for a while. He said he and his family are staying downtown and that he plans to open a gallery in the former Revolving Museum space on the first floor. I stopped by the next day and saw him and a crew of helpers installing a lively exhibition of artwork by students at the Innovation Academy charter high school in Tyngsboro, where Jerry is teaching. I was especially struck by the large-scale sculptures in the gallery—impressive and ambitious work by the students. The exhibition includes samples of creative writing. There’s also an installation on the deck at the far end of Mack Plaza, at the intersection of Merrimack and Dutton streets, that looks like Beck-inspired work, but it may be by other artists. (I learned that this is work by the Revolving Museum in association with the Lowell Historic Board and Doors Open Lowell) With the Revolving Museum, being guided by Diane Testa, Bob Forrant, and others, keeping its momentum through projects like the recent immigrant history murals and now Jerry seeming to be back in play, the outlook is encouraging.

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  1. Steve S says:

    Yes, the piece at the corner of Merrimack and Dutton, on the deck in front of the brick arches, was part of Doors Open Lowell. Here’s the description from the program guide –

    Lowell At Your Doorstep

    Discover this temporary public art sculpture created by the Revolving Museum’s teen artists with guidance from architect/artist William Turville and sculptor Joe MacFadzen, an interactive, inside-out homage to the buildings we all live our lives in comprised of recycled materials from Lowell. This project is supported in part by a grant from the Lowell Cultural Council through the Massachusetts Cultural Council.