‘Marlborough Woods’

Marlborough Woods . Brown in their winter skins, they rise up, Lean pointers, borders of the wilderness. After January rain, glass branches rock, Melting and re-freezing as air shifts from fog to chill. Across the shelf of Mount Monadnock, Under a white flannel sun, Wind blows the snow like cold…

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Sunny Sunday

Sitting in my backyard in the sun late this morning, I heard church bells and was reminded of days like this when I was in my carefree 20s, working irregular hours, and enjoying the good weather when we had it. On a day like today I could grab a book and read under…

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‘Memorial Day Bridges’

I’ve posted this prose poem from 1978 on the blog before. It was written soon after the experience that provided the brief story thread. In those days, I was constantly on the lookout for images and incidents that could feed a new composition. I wanted to write, write, write. It’s a slight piece, but…

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