Lowell Memorial Auditorium virtual tour

Welcome today’s Lowell Walk. In this episode we visit the Lowell Memorial Auditorium and learn about the many monuments and historic artifacts on the grounds and within the building: If the above video window doesn’t work for you, follow this link to our YouTube page and watch the video from…

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Covid-19: April 4, 2020 edition

The city of Lowell posted the above graphic on Thursday. It shows 121 diagnosed cases in Lowell with 13 of them hospitalized and 2 deaths. The Highlands has the largest number of cases with 24, followed by Centralville with 15 and Belvidere with 13. With all that is going on,…

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Marie Sweeney’s Childhood Illness & Social Distancing in the ’50s

Remembering My Illness-Caused Separation, a Semi-Social Distancing By Marie Sweeney (March 25, 2020) Marie Sweeney, photograph by Kevin Harkins THIS MORNING A TWEET from Dan Rather took me way back in time to Spring 1953. I was in the fifth grade—in Sister Mildred’s class—a double-grade that included some sixth graders…

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