What’s Wrong With This Picture Frame?

Why are reporters from the N.Y. Times and other media outlets using the term “left-wing” to describe people who oppose racists of all kinds, Nazis, anti-Semites, anti-LGBTQs, christian fascists, and other hate-mongers? Isn’t it the American way to denounce these forms of inhumanity? Isn’t the American creed about pursuing liberty,…

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Walking & Reading This Saturday

Lowell Walks resumes tomorrow after taking last weekend off for the Lowell Folk Festival. The walk begins at 10 am at Lowell National Park Visitor Center. The topic is the Northern Canal Urban Renewal Project and it will be led by Chris Hayes and Aurora Erickson. Completed in the late…

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New Poem by Tom Sexton

We have a new poem from Tom Sexton today, which he sent from his home in Alaska. In this new composition Tom recreates an extended moment in his Lowell youth, reflecting on a kind of confusion most of us have experienced. The details are just right in this self-portrait of…

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