Election 2010

Jim DiPaola’s career in politics

The news that Middlesex County Sheriff James DiPaola died suddenly today was stunning and saddening. I’ll leave it to others to report on the circumstances of his passing but perhaps a short summary of his political career might be appropriate. Motivated by last week’s news of DiPaola’s retirement, I wrote…

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Merrimack Valley Rep L’Talien Director of Government Affairs for Treasurer-Elect Grossman

WickedLocal.com is reporting that Treasurer-elect Steven Grossman has chosen Representative Barbarba L’Italien of Andover as his Director of Goverment Affairs along with Francis Orlando as her Deputy Director and Al Gordon as Director of Policy. “I am pleased to have people of this caliber on our team,” Grossman said. “They…

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Middlesex Sheriff Retires and Will Resign

The Globe is reporting that James DiPaola – recently re-elected Middlesex Sheriff – has “retired” and will resign from his position as Sheriff in January, 2011 allowing Governor Patrick to appoint a replacement. Originally, planning to take advantage of complicated but legal pension provisions, DiPaola was retiring but was planning…

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