All Hail Lyle Lovett

This post by Paul Marion first ran on August 14, 2010, and is repeated here for this year’s Music Week on the blog: All Hail Lyle Lovett By Paul Marion (Aug 14, 2010) At one point in his performance at Boarding House Park as part of The Lowell Summer Music…

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A Kid’s Soundtrack

A kid’s soundtrack Louise Peloquin Many a Franco-American baby-boomer grew up hearing French in Lowell. “Le souper est prêt!” filled streets from Little Canada to the Highlands summoning “les enfants” to warm kitchens where a “pâté chinois” (cottage pie) or another hearty dish was waiting to be devoured. For a…

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Pandemic Music

Welcome to Music Week on We occasionally bundle blog posts of a common theme together and today starts such an effort. For the next two weeks our contributors will share stories of music, in the broadest sense of that word.  Pandemic Music By David Perry Pandemic, insurrection, loss, isolation.…

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