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Tsongas’ First TV Ad

This morning Niki Tsongas’ first TV Ad begins airing throughout the district. The Ad called “Been Proud highlights Niki’s background growing up in a military family and how that has informed many of her priorities including her work on behalf of our troops in the field and for our veterans,…

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Rover Vs Hannity over O’Donnell

Of all the surprises in Tuesday night’s elections the biggest took place on the national scene, in Delaware, where Tea Party supported Christine O’Donnell beat long-time established Republican Mike Castle for the US Senator nomination.  Most pundits believe O’Donnell’s chances of winning the general election are much less than Castle’s…

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Bill Lee is Back

Did you catch the story about former Boston Red Sox pitcher Bill Lee over the weekend? The minor league team the Brockton Rox asked Lee to throw out the first pitch last Sunday. Lee refused, sort of…actually he said he would not throw out the first pitch of the game,…

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