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Boston Patriots

  We all know how the Super Bowl turned out, and what a wild game the Patriots and Seahawks played. Waiting for the kickoff (six hours of pre-game chatter on TV), I could not help thinking about the history of the Patriots and what a journey the team has been…

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Mediocre Bowl

This isn’t sour grapes. I’ve watched some or all of every Super Bowl. Unless you are a fervent Giants fan, you probably agree with me that last night’s game was mediocre. Aside from the 96-yard drive to a TD by Brady and friends and that fantastic sideline catch made by…

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Please, No Pat for Me!

Pat Patriot is back! Pat Patrick along with the rest of the vintage New England Patriots red and white uniforms will return in 2010 as the teams “alternate uniform”. Patriot officials announced their decision to phase out the silver jersey uniforms and replace them with…are you ready, uniforms styled after…

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