Please, No Pat for Me!

Pat Patriot is back!

Pat Patrick along with the rest of the vintage New England Patriots red and white uniforms will return in 2010 as the teams “alternate uniform”. Patriot officials announced their decision to phase out the silver jersey uniforms and replace them with…are you ready, uniforms styled after the 1985 Championship team.
Of all things…the 1985 Pats, what a memorable year.
Actually, the only thing I really remember about the 1985 Patriots season is Super Bowl XX.
I don’t care how hard you try, you can’t forget it, unfortunately.
Who could forget Tony Eason leading our “lambs to slaughter” in Super Bowl XX. What was the final score, 98 to 3 or something?
So why bring back the 1985 uniforms?
How bad was the 1985 Super Bowl lose? Prepare yourself…
Do you remember Walter Payton fumbled early in the first quarter on his own 21 yard line. Eason then threw three incomplete passes and the Pats settled for a field goal.
Hey, remember how you (and I)  thought Pat Patriot and the red and white uniforms had a chance? Not!
…and remember how this field goal was the last time the Pats scored in Super Bowl XX until the fourth quarter when Mike Ditka substituted his starters with Chicago High School’s Freshmen football team?
Why, why bring back Pat Patriot and the 1985 uniforms?
Every time I see Pat Patriot all I can think of is the Bear’s awesome rush forcing Tony Eason to dive to the ground before anyone even hit him. Honest, I can see him in my mind’s eye right now!
Yes, the 1985 Super Bowl brings back a lot of memories… and all are bad.
Do you remember…the Pats turned the ball over four times on fumbles?
Do you remember Bears QB Jim (obnoxious) McMahon tossing a 60 yard bomb to Willie Gault for a score?
Do you remember some obscure third string safety intercepting Steve Grogan for a touch-down?
Do you remember Bear’s Tackle Henry Waechter scoring a safety?
Do you remember Tony Eason was sooooo bad coach Ray Berry took him out in the second quarter?
Do you…do you remember?
Why, please tell me why Bob Kraft would bring back Pat Patriot and those Parilli red and Plunkett white uniforms?
I know not what others may do, but as for me…give me the silver jerseys or give me the Giants.

5 Responses to Please, No Pat for Me!

  1. kad barma says:

    I remember that Stanley Morgan wore Pat on his helmet while setting a standard unmatched in NFL history. (No receiver has averaged as many yards per catch–19+–and reached 10,000 yards receiving, and it’s hard to imagine anyone else ever will).

    If only for Stanley I’d say Pat is AOK with me.

  2. JC says:

    Give me Pat Patriot any day over the stylized logo of recent years. You want character? Pat Patriot has it. You want tradition? Pat Patriot is old school. You can take that streaky, tri-color, modern logo and place it firmly in that place where the sun can not shine!

    Welcome back Pat! We missed you!

  3. Eleanor Rigby says:

    It seemed like every time they wore the throw-back Pat Patriot uniforms over the past couple of years they were crushed!

    Keep Pat Patriot in the vault and keep the Flying Elvis on the field!

  4. Steve says:

    All superstition and Patriots ju-ju aside, from a purely
    aesthetic point of view, the pirate Patriot is immeasurably
    superior to the Elvis Patriot.