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New Poetry by Joe Donahue

Under the title “Dissolves,” the new sections of Joe Donahue’s long poem “Terra Lucida,” are due in January from the publisher Talisman House in New Jersey. Joe is on long-term leave from Lowell, based at Duke University, where he researches eternal questions. The reading public rarely catches up to a visionary poet in…

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Joseph Donahue & Apocalyptic Poetry

Lowell-rooted poet Joe Donahue is one of the subjects of an essay titled “Apocalypticism: A Way Forward for Poetry” in the Chicago Review. Read the essay by Peter O’Leary here.     Donahue has spent years mastering long serial poems that combine elements of mysticism, esotericism, protest, and the alienation of the…

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An Essay on Joseph Donahue’s Poetry

Lowell-linked poet Joseph Donahue and his poems are examined in a dense and cerebral essay-review by Jeanne Heuving in the Seattle-based literary magazine “Golden Handcuffs Review” (Winter-Spring 2008). Read Heuving’s take on Donahue here. Joe has new fiction in the current issue of the magazine  (Summer-Fall 2010), but unfortunately his selection is…

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