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Creative Economy Central: UMass Lowell

From the UMass Lowell Public Affairs Office: UMass Lowell strengthened its reputation as a hot-spot for creative economy research in the state when all of its proposals seeking funding from the UMass President’s Creative Economy Initiative were approved this spring. Faculty from UMass Lowell scored big in the 2011 round of Creative Economy…

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Lowell Creative Economy Census

I grabbed this from the City Manager’s website.  My definition of the creative economy is broader than some other people’s. This survey is aimed particularly at the cultural community because COOL wants to document that sector as thoroughly as possible. But if you consider yourself part of the creative-innovative-imaginative sector,…

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Thoughts on Creativity

Why are we starting to talk about a Kerouac Center for Creativity in Lowell? Aside from the facts that Lowell was founded by inventors and entrepreneurs, that the city is a contemporary hub of the creative economy, and that higher education institutions like UMass Lowell and Middlesex Community College demonstrate the positive results…

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