‘Creative Challenge Index’ News from Hunter Higgs, LLC

“Dear Friends,
“Massachusetts became the first state in the nation to adopt the Creative Challenge Index proposal – an initiative to raise the priority of creative work in our schools – when Governor Deval Patrick signed the Economic Development Reorganization bill into law this morning. We thank Governor Patrick for his support and leadership on the critical issue of developing creativity in our students. We also thank Senate President Therese Murray and Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo for their leadership in recognizing the importance of creative work in our schools. The Creative Challenge Index received substantial support in the House and the Senate, including 59 co-sponsors.  We thank everyone who contributed to moving the bill forward, including the thousands of advocates across Massachusetts. The Creative Challenge Index will enhance creativity by establishing incentive for schools to implement the core curriculum frameworks that support creative thinking.  It will help to raise the priority of teaching valuable 21st century creative skills to our children, and will provide a measurement to hold our schools accountable. Creativity and innovation must be Massachusetts priorities – in our schools and in our businesses.  This year, Massachusetts has the opportunity to advance the teaching of creative skills by becoming the first state in the nation to adopt the Creative Challenge Index. Our thanks again to everyone who has advocated for this important initiative.

“To read more about the Creative Challenge Index, please visit our new website for more information:  http://www.hunterhiggs.com.  Sincerely,

Dan & Hathalee, Hunter Higgs, LLC
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