Old Worthen Christmas, 1975

The Old Worthen by Richard Marion (litho print, ink drawing with watercolor, c. 1975, reprinted with permission of the artist).


Old Worthen Christmas


The good way Dan turned his head and dropped three nickels

into the bent tambourine of the Salvation Army-man

between sips of twenty-five-cent draft and bites of pretzel

at the Old Worthen in one of the high-backed booths

with his three friends who had stopped the cribbage game

when the deaf Frenchman in a blue-green overcoat

came to the table with eyes of a saint and handsome brown gloves

that held the jingling pan so our good Christmas will

would get us to push a few coins his ever-loving way.

–Paul Marion, 1975

One Response to Old Worthen Christmas, 1975

  1. Henri says:

    Finally catching up up on my online reading as the first snow falls. Nicely drawn, poem and drawing, Paul! Missed “Oranges at Christmas” though.