Lowell Justice Center – looking northwest

The Lowell Justice Center has a stairwell on either side of the L-shaped building. Both go from ground level to the 7th floor. Both are enclosed in glass and provide some excellent views. I was recently in the stairwell on the Dutton Street side of the building and took these pictures.

In the middle distrance of this picture we see from left to right the Smith Baker Center, the Pollard Memorial Library, Lowell City Hall, and the Ayotte Parking Garage. In the foreground is Dutton Street and the Hamilton Canal Innovation District.

This picture shows the churches of the Acre. The big steeple to the left is St. Patrick’s, next to that in the distance is the former Jean Baptiste Church on upper Merrimack Street, and to the right is the gold dome of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. The tall building in the distance is UMass Lowell’s Fox Hall on the East Campus.

This provides a good view of the Hamilton Canal Innovation District. The large surface parking lot in the middle is now owned by Sal Lupoli (or a LLC controlled by him). He is contemplating placing a high rise mixed use building on that lot. I’ve heard it might be twelve or fourteen stories high. The smaller vacant lot to the right is also owned by Lupoli. That might hold a multifloor commercial building that could have restaurants, retail and office space. In the foreground of this picture is Jackson Street which now connects to Dutton although you can only turn left towards downtown.


One Response to Lowell Justice Center – looking northwest

  1. T Sicasso says:

    It’s a shame what has become of Point Park next to the now-closed surface lot over the last two years as the city basically forgot it existed and let it become a weed-choked garbage can. The walking path is very narrow in spots and many of the lights don’t work. One area is used as a homeless camp/bathroom. And it’s generally not a safe area to wander in off-hours. Also, it’s a right-turn only from Jackson to downtown.