State Elections in Lowell: 1970-2020

My latest book, State Elections in Lowell: 1970-2020, is now ready for purchase from the print-on-demand service. The book covers all Massachusetts state elections held during the past 50 years. For each election, the book shows candidate names and vote totals for all Federal and state offices that appeared on that year’s ballot in the city of Lowell. This includes President, US Senate, Congress, Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Auditor, State Senate, State Representative, Governor’s Council, District Attorney, Clerk of Courts, Sheriff, Register of Probate, and Register of Deeds.

Also included in the book is a list of all who have held each of the above-named offices, the makeup of the various electoral districts over time, and a section on all Massachusetts Congressional Districts (the geographic makeup and who held the office) for the past 50 years.

While the book is Lowell-centric, those outside the city will find it useful because it covers all statewide offices in detail.

So if you’ve ever wondered, What year was Paul Tsongas elected to the US Senate?, or “Who were Paul Tsongas’s opponents when he was first elected to the US Senate?”, this book is for you.

State Elections in Lowell is a companion to my earlier book, Lowell Municipal Elections: 1965-2015, which is also available as a print-on-demand book.

To give readers a taste of the content and layout of the State Elections book, here is the chapter on the 1978 race:


U.S. Senate – Paul E. Tsongas. In the general election, Democrat Paul E. Tsongas (1,093,283 with 21,860 in Lowell) defeated Republican incumbent Edward Brooke (890,584 with 6,584 in Lowell). In the Republican primary, Brooke (146,341) defeated Avi Nelson (128,388). In the Democratic Primary, Tsongas defeated four other candidates:

  1. Paul E. Tsongas – 296,915
  2. Paul H. Guzzi – 258,960
  3. Kathleen Sullivan Alioto – 161,036
  4. Howard Phillips – 65,397
  5. Elaine Noble – 52,464

U.S. House of Representatives – James M. Shannon. In the general election, Democrat James M. Shannon (90,256) defeated Republican John J. Buckley III (48,685) and Independent James J. Gaffney III (33,835). In the Republican Primary, Buckley (11,772) defeated Nicholas D. Rizzo (9,881). In the Democratic Primary, Shannon defeated five other candidates:

  1. James M. Shannon – 18,529
  2. Raymond F. Rourke – 17,743
  3. Robert F. Hatem – 16,359
  4. John E. Markey – 14,046
  5. Michael A. McLaughlin – 12,644
  6. Ronald A. Burba – 3,524

Incumbent Paul E. Tsongas ran for U.S. Senate.

Governor – Edward J. King. In the general election, Democrat Edward J. King (1,030,294) defeated Republican Francis W. Hatch Jr. (926,072). In the Democratic Primary, King (442,174 with 9,342 in Lowell) defeated incumbent Michael S. Dukakis (365,417 with 8,559 in Lowell) and Barbara Ackermann (58,220). In the Republican Primary, Hatch (141,070) defeated Edward F. King (110,932).

Lieutenant Governor – Thomas P. O’Neill III. – In the general election, incumbent Thomas P. O’Neill III was elected as part of the Democratic gubernatorial ticket. In the Democratic Primary, O’Neill was unopposed. In the Republican Primary, William I. Cowin (128,914) defeated Peter L. McDowell (86,250).

Attorney General – Francis X. Bellotti. In the general election, Democratic incumbent Francis X. Bellotti (1,532,835) defeated Republican William F. Weld (421,417). Neither faced opposition in their respective primaries.

Secretary of State – Michael J. Connolly. In the general election, Democrat Michael J. Connolly (1,115,409) defeated Republican John Sears (744,488). In the Republican Primary, Sears was unopposed. In the Democratic Primary, Connolly defeated six other candidates:

  1. Michael J. Connolly – 192,641
  2. Lois G. Pines – 185,504
  3. Anthony J. Vigliotti – 103,895
  4. James W. Hennigan Jr.  – 80,402
  5. David E. Crosby – 78,372
  6. William James Galvin Jr. – 67,180
  7. James Fulham – 38,377

Incumbent Paul H. Guzzi ran for U.S. Senate.

Treasurer – Robert Q. Crane. In the general election, Democratic incumbent Robert Q. Crane (1,125,960) defeated Republican Lewis W. Crampton (743,231). In the Republican Primary, Crampton was unopposed. In the Democratic Primary, Crane defeated five other candidates.

  1. Robert Q. Crane – 375,699
  2. Larry S. DiCara – 231,315
  3. Paul R. Cacchiotti – 45,029
  4. Dayce P. Moore – 43,466
  5. Thomas D. Lopes – 39,691
  6. Lawrence E. Blacke – 30,930

Auditor – Thaddeus M. Buczko. In the general election, Democratic incumbent Thaddeus M. Buczko (1,189,562) defeated Republican Timothy F. O’Brien (643,096). In the Democratic Primary, Buczko (448,294) defeated Peter G. Meade (304,218). In the Republican Primary, William A. Casey was unopposed and won the nomination, however, after the primary, Casey withdrew his candidacy. The State Republican Party selected O’Brien to be the party’s nominee.

Governor’s Council – Herbert L. Connolly. In the general election, Democratic incumbent Herbert L. Connolly was unopposed, In the Democratic Primary, Connolly (49,146) defeated Raymond P. McKeon (37,496).

State Senate – 1st Middlesex – B. Joseph Tully. Democratic incumbent B. Joseph Tully was unopposed in the primary and in the general election.

State Representative – 17th Middlesex – Nickolas Lambros. In the general election, Democrat Nickolas Lambros (9,130) defeated Republican Ralph G. Lawson (5,146). In the Democratic Primary, Lambros (4,181) defeated Leo J. Farley Jr. (4,067).

State Representative – 18th Middlesex – Edward A. LeLacheur. In the general election, Democratic incumbent Edward A. LeLacheur (8,292) defeated Republican Vincent P. McLaughlin (2,538). In the Democratic Primary, LeLacheur (4,378) defeated Bruce M. Desmond (2,681) and Edward C. Cahill (772). In the Republican Primary, McLaughlin (484) defeated P. Richard Beaumier (268).

State Representative – 19th Middlesex – Philip L. Shea. In the general election, Democrat Philip L. Shea was unopposed. In the Democratic Primary, Shea (3,591) defeated Robert B. Kennedy (3,407).

District Attorney – John J. Droney. In the general election, Democratic incumbent John J. Droney was unopposed. In the Democratic Primary, Droney (89,131) defeated L. Scott Harshbarger (82,762) and Guy A. Carbone (34,625).

Register of Probate – Paul J. Cavanaugh. In the general election, Democrat Paul J. Cavanaugh (291,210) defeated Independent Robert V. Campo (121,326). In the Democratic Primary, Cavanaugh defeated five other candidates:

  1. Paul J. Cavanaugh – 80,059
  2. Francis Donahue – 27,311
  3. Leonard Doyle – 23,096
  4. Edward J. Bishop Jr. – 17,619
  5. Ralph Hogan – 15,635
  6. John R. Harvey – 13,998

Incumbent John V. Harvey did not seek reelection

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