Review of New Book by Chath pierSath


Chath pierSath, a friend and contributor to this website, has a new book out: On Earth Beneath Sky – Poems and Sketches was recently published by Loom Press. This book of 68 poems and prose sketches is the fourth book by Chath.

In her review of the book, Jinx Davis of the website Magical Cambodia, identified Chath was one of the resilient new writers to emerge from the Khmer Rouge genocide. This book, according to Davis, “abounds with a vibration suitable for both insiders and outsiders to reimagine Cambodia, America, sexuality, family, and the chronic tensions between the past, present, and future.”

Here’s a link to Davis’s review of On Earth Beneath Sky.

Magical Cambodia is an organization that promotes contemporary arts and culture in Cambodia.

On Earth Beneath Sky is available for purchase at the Loom Press website.