2020 Lowell Election Results

Here are the results of the 2020 general election in Lowell. First come the vote total of all the candidates on the ballot. That’s followed by a precinct level look at the presidential election vote. Finally, there’s a completed “scorecard” from my Tuesday morning “What to Look For Tonight” blog post that looks at the results in the states and US Senate races that were thought to be most competitive just before the election.

Lowell Results

Registered voters: 65,281. Turnout on Tuesday: 37,592 (57.6%)

President: Joe Biden (24,492) defeated Donald Trump (12,054).

US Senate: Ed Markey (24,762) defeated Kevin O’Connor (10,554).

Congress: Lori Loureiro Trahan (28,348) was unopposed.

Governor’s Council: Eileen Duff (26,468) was unopposed.

State Senate: Edward Kennedy (27,659) was unopposed.

State Rep (16th) Tom Golden (8,942) was unopposed.

State Rep (17th) Vanna Howard (10,264) was unopposed.

State Rep (18th) Rady Mom (8,583) was unopposed.

Register of Probate: Tara DeCristofaro (25,524) was unopposed.

Question 1 (Right to Repair): Yes – 24,852. No – 8,326.

Question 2 (Ranked Choice Voting): Yes – 17,466. No – 17,099.

NOTE: Statewide, Ranked Choice Voting lost decisively. Lowell was won of the few communities in which YES received more votes than NO. I suspect a big reason for that may have been that during the settlement of the Voting Rights lawsuit against the city, one of the proposed fixes was to adopt Ranked Choice voting in city council races. While that option was not chosen, it may have served to acquaint many voters with the process which made it more acceptable to many.

Presidential Results in Lowell by Precinct

Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in Lowell by a 2 to 1 margin. But was his margin of victory consistent across the city or were their concentrated pockets of Trump support? Each line contains the Word-Precinct number and the number of votes received by Biden and then Trump (Biden/Trump)

1-1  329/132
1-2  1238/817
1-3  1141/626

2-1  367/83
2-2  654/192
2-3  1284/209

3-1  735/334
3-2  605/270
3-3  617/274

4-1  790/390
4-2  502/213
4-3  620/249

5-1  691/349
5-2  583/287
5-3  702/497

6-1  952/537
6-2  1009/573
6-3  879/491

7-1  565/220
7-2  706/227
7-3  405/237

8-1  769/309
8-2  819/476
8-3 1091/566

9-1  718/358
9-2  878/453
9-3  777/397

10-1  700/348
10-2  558/197
10-3  417/176

11-1  807/424
11-2  784/524
11-3  831/397

NOTE: In Lowell, Biden defeated Trump by a 2 to 1 margin. The three strongest precincts for Biden were all in Ward 2 which is Downtown and part of the Acre. In Ward 2, Precinct 3, Biden received 86% of the vote; in Ward 2, Precinct 1, it was 82%; and in Ward 2, Precinct 2, it was 77%. Trump did not win a single precinct in Lowell, but his three strongest were Ward 5, Precinct 3 (outer Pawtucketville on Dracut line), where Trump received 41%; Ward 11, Precinct 2 (Belvidere/South Lowell along Woburn Street to Tewksbury line) where he received 40%; and Ward 1, Precinct 2 (outer Belvidere around Long Meadow) where he also received 40% of the vote.

In terms of turnout, the three precincts with the highest vote totals were Ward 1, Precinct 2 with 2055; Ward 1, Precinct 3 with 1767; and Ward 3, Precinct 2 with 1657. The first two are in Belvidere and the third is the upper Highlands. Also worth mentioning is that Ward 2, Precinct 3, which is Downtown and which yielded Biden’s highest vote total, cast the fifth highest number of votes of any precinct in the city with 1493 votes.

2020 President Results Nationwide

Yesterday at 11:14 am, the Allegheny County (Pennsylvania) website elections page was updated to show the final results of its vote count in the Presidential race. This last batch of votes triggered the models used by CNN and NBC to “call” Pennsylvania for Joe Biden which gave him more than the 270 electoral votes needed to become our next President. Shortly thereafter, the state of Nevada and its 6 electoral votes were also called for Biden giving him 279. Left unresolved are the outcomes in four states, in two of which (Georgia and Arizona) Biden is ahead, while Trump leads in the other two (North Carolina and Alaska). As for the popular vote, it remains a moving target by as of yesterday afternoon, it was 74,488,666 (50.5%) for Biden and 70,337,285 (47.7%) for Trump.

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