Balance & Kindness: A User’s Manual for Earth

Geo’s Manifesto

Reduce consumption of fossil fuels as much as possible; drive e-car or no car (if possible); solar panels; rain harvest system; reduce lawn size (plant wildflowers instead, good for birds & bees).

Eat vegetable-based protein diet; stop eating meat, uses 10X more water and soil than veggies per gram of protein.

Reduce weekly household trash to less than a full popcorn bag (use to hold the trash), and most of that should be compostable.

Divest completely from stock market, which is more or less a pyramid scheme to make rich richer and keep their political lackeys in power and perpetuate the power structure that keeps wealth concentrated in their hands; meanwhile being poor gets more and more expensive (try having a checking account if you can’t maintain a $1,000 balance).

Reduce food intake; walk more (not “power walks” with head down and mind closed) & exercise; sit (breathe) everyday, stay as mentally, physically and emotionally healthy as possible; stop letting big pharma prey on the sick & poor.

Make room in your heart and home for immigrants and refugees seeking food, water, safety as planet burns & dries up & floods & falls apart because rich people and rich countries are too lazy, too stupid and unwilling to give a shit; and we all bear some responsibility for this.

Learn a second or third or more languages, and travel extensively and inexpensively (not by plane whenever possible) and experience as many people, places and cultures as life will allow.

Grow food and flowers in a personal or community garden.

Play a musical instrument and go to see other people play (put $5 in their instrument case.)

Listen to more music at home, too, and buy and read more books (real books not ebooks); keep public libraries, best places on planet, busy and open.

Write fewer emails and texts (with exception of personal Manifestos) and more personal letters by hand and put them in the mailbox with a stamp; keep the USPS, best part of government, solvent.

Watch more commercial-free public news & good movies & sports and contribute to the Public Broadcasting System.

—George Chigas (September 2020)
“Earth, the Blue Marble” (image courtesy of NASA)
Geo means earth

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