Cartoons by Nicholas Whitmore

A Decorous Period of Mourning

Anti-viral Headwear

A Freudian Slip (news item: Trump campaign uses stock photo of Russian military aircraft in a “support the troops” advertisement)

3 Responses to Cartoons by Nicholas Whitmore

  1. Charles Gargiulo says:

    Nicholas Whitmore’s artistic comment on the loss of Justice Ginsberg was chillingly spot-on. I fear the evil machinations going through the Trump/McConnell corporate/white supremacist cabal’s think tanks about how jamming in another right wing authoritarian Supreme Court Justice may set up the coup necessary to justify a stolen election by Trump and a SCOTUS appointing GOP Senate majority in November. Remember, the Constitution is anything the Supreme Court says it is. Ask the ghost of Dred Scott. Vote like your democracy and life depends on it this November. Only an overwhelming electoral victory has a chance of standing. It may be America’s last chance.

  2. Dave Daniel says:

    Mr. Whitmore’s cartoons have the acidic edge of wit & wisdom that great satirists since Aristophanes & Lucian, Swift & Wilde have had. Keep ’em coming.