Frank Wagner: A New Poem

A Dream of Food

by Frank Wagner
I will feel what I believe,
I will believe what I know,
I will know after I have discovered after
I have observed,
I have tested,
I have touched and become certain.
This was the message
from the dream I had
when I slept last.
This was one of those dreams
that was far more than
a sleeping mind’s fantasy
playing a trick on
an unconscious being.
All of this dream was,
in its state, real.
A great meal was served,
so much food
the table could have collapsed,
baked and roasted
turkey, chicken, pork,
maybe there was a brisket,
among the bright roasted vegetables,
green zucchini, yellow squash,
thick bunches of broccoli,
potatoes, white and sweet, alike,
and oh, the salad,
the lettuce glistening with
a sparkle of vinegar and oil,
and the tomatoes brilliant and red.
Even in my deep sleep I could smell
a sweet aroma that filled the
darkened dining room.
All the people I have known,
once more those I have loved,
who loved me, too,
closest friends, brothers I did not know,
sisters I had never met,
lovers I had yearned for all
were there to serve me
to make sure I had enough, and
that every taste savory and delicious,
allowing me to awaken
with a filled spirit.