DIY Lowell Update

Some news from DIY Lowell . . .

DIY Lowell’s New Program Director Will Build Community through Partnerships

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Lowell is excited to announce that Alexis Ploss has been selected as the organization’s new Program Director, effective immediately. DIY Lowell’s Program Director manages all aspects of the grassroots group, including workshops with young people, assisting volunteers with community improvement projects, and civic skill-building. With an academic career focusing on education and extensive professional experience in activism, organizing, and human services, Alexis will bring her immense passion and a fresh perspective to DIY Lowell. Her new role will be in a part-time capacity, which allows Alexis to continue her important work at Community Teamwork’s Division of Child and Family Services.

DIY Lowell is anticipating a prosperous future with the addition of Alexis to the team. The Program Director is a dynamic role, and Alexis will use her connections with the community to strengthen partnerships among DIY Lowell, other civic organizations, and community members. “All of us are incredibly impressed with Alexis and her enthusiasm,” said Suzzanne Cromwell, DIY Lowell Advisory Committee Co-Chair. “I was personally impressed by the ideas she brought to her interview. She had clearly researched DIY Lowell and our role in the community, which made all the difference in our selection process. This dedication, coupled with her refreshing passion, will make her an excellent addition to our organization.”

“I am beyond thrilled to have been provided the opportunity to work with DIY Lowell and empower fellow members of our community to enact lasting change,” said Alexis Ploss, new Program Director for DIY Lowell. “I came to Lowell six years ago and fell in love with this city, from the richness in culture to the ever-expanding diversity. It will be a top priority for me to work towards increasing the capacity of DIY Lowell with special focus on ensuring that currently underrepresented segments of our community are uplifted and heard. The strength of our humanity will always be our ability to actively listen, openly learn, and work together.”

One of Alexis’ new projects will be spearheading DIY Lowell’s new fundraising initiative, Give Us Five!, which harnesses our social media connections and story sharing around a key question: Why is building community important during this time? The organization has set a $2,000 fundraising goal and invites the public to offer support with a $5 donation (or more) AND a virtual high-five on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #GiveUsFiveDIY. Donors are encouraged to post a selfie or short video expressing why they gave to DIY Lowell and/or the importance of community-building in our city.  Complete details on the GIve Us Five! fundraiser can be found at

DIY Lowell’s upcoming e-newsletter will feature Alexis Ploss and the work she hopes to accomplish in the months ahead. To subscribe and stay informed on DIY Lowell news and community initiatives, please visit

About DIY Lowell: Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Lowell is a grassroots organization established in 2015 and dedicated to helping members of our community make small-scale projects and events happen together. It connects people with ideas to funding, technical assistance, and most importantly, to one another.

Funding sources include the Lowell Cultural Council, a local agency sustained by the Massachusetts Cultural Council. DIY Lowell additionally receives support from its fiscal sponsor, Coalition for a Better Acre. DIY Lowell is also the recipient of funding from the Greater Lowell Community Foundation and the Theodore Edson Parker Foundation. To learn more, visit