Lowell Cemetery Virtual Tour Part II

Here’s a second, all new, virtual tour of historic Lowell Cemetery. Today’s tour features:

  • Two Lowell residents who served as governor of Massachusetts
  • A young mother and daughter who lost their lives at sea
  • A Civil War soldier from a prominent Centralville family who lost his life to Confederate raiders
  • A young man from Lowell who had history invade his bedroom
  • A newspaper editor who crusaded to free the slaves
  • A Lowell-born architect who designed some familiar buildings
  • A woman memorialized by her husband and father with a magnificent monument
  • A young man who longed to be a cowboy but who met a grisly end.

Here’s today’s video:


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One Response to Lowell Cemetery Virtual Tour Part II

  1. Steve O'Connor says:

    Just had a chance to listen to Part II. Thanks for making the stones speak, Dick. There’s a lot of history there. Super interesting.