Marie Louse St. Onge: A New Poem


On the Thirtieth Day of Isolation (Covid-19)

Marie Louise St. Onge


Just over four weeks now, no store

no pharmacy no haircut no meetings

no movies no museum no protests

no handshakes no hugs no gym simply

solo walks along the shore. Respite indeed

when I pull in more than my share of salted air

and negative ions, listen carefully

for the dogs’ barks and the surf’s voice

rising and falling, speaking and pretty

much always uttering something

said before.


When she said she was making a trip

to the grocery and asked if I needed anything

I found my way to yes…I found my way to yes.

Make a list she said. Memory. Over four decades ago

my aunt, wrapped inside a world she could not

see, made lists: ½ lb. hamburger, one chicken breast,

two white potatoes, ¾ lb. green beans, one quart

orange juice, a single loaf of Wonder,

half dozen eggs, a shaker of Ajax, two rolls

of toilet paper, one Whitman’s pecan roll

and a package of English muffins. My aunt said yes.


There is a long list of things we don’t know today

and will not tonight or tomorrow or even next week.

We’re living blind. So much we’ve not learned

but now in this time of much time

may we practice……patience compassion stamina.

In these lean days while we touch nothing

except our worries, may we be moved toward grace.

Trees persist with their bold budding, frogs are readying

their pulse, crows build nests and mares enter estrus.

Today I made a grocery list, such a plain way of baring need,

leaning in and accepting a blown kiss.



3 Responses to Marie Louse St. Onge: A New Poem

  1. Frank Wagner says:

    Beautiful accounting of this life of isolation from Marie Louise St. Onge. How the littlest incidents have become high adventures during these times; We are flying blind as they say and the biggest thrill is that we don’t know when and where it ends.

  2. Jeannie Judge says:

    Finding our way through solitude, choosing the poem!

    Thanks for your voice,