Chath pierSath: April Snow Poem

April Snow

by Chath Piersath


Saturday morning snow

Intense white and shouting birds

In a swarm competing for seeds and warmth.

The night—dream-shaped flight,

Forced to dig my own grave

Where death sleeps,

Cold feet slow to warm,

My bones frost bitten,

Aches in all my joints, 

Spasmodic jumps, kicking

In and out of dreams,

Lost in my attempt to escape,

Everything my life should have lived,

Until Ken yelled out,


5 Responses to Chath pierSath: April Snow Poem

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing. I can feel the aches and pain you are talking about. I especially love the last line, “Until Ken yelled out, “pancakes””

  2. Louisa says:

    In “April Snow” I feel a sense of rest and immediacy (restlessness) at the same time, of living in both one’s body and memories, and feeling the desire to move on, which sometime happens not so much with urgency as the call of “pancakes”

  3. Bunkong says:

    Thanks for sharing, Chath.
    I agree with Louisa. There is both rest and restlessness, peace and war, dream and wakefulness in this poem. The line of each poem is clear and strong. I enjoy it.

  4. C. Scott Lopez says:

    I loved the juxtaposition of such deep and heartfelt reflections and feelings with a startling celebration of a simple and profoundly fulfilling breakfast dish at the end… Life so often feels as if we are being drawn in and out of dreams and reality!

  5. Luke Young says:

    There is a great sense of time’s amber to this. Like looking into a piece of amber and sensing the life inside of what once was, but is now only a reflection in the eyes of the person holding it. The last line is great too and pulls you out of the reflection suddenly and with humor. Love it.