French Catholic Roots Run Deep

by Paul Marion

The second issue of Resonance, a bilingual online journal at UMaine-Orono , has an essay of mine about growing up as a French Canadian-American Catholic. The issue has familiar names, including two others linked to Lowell, Emilie-Noelle Provost, with a short story, “The Dinner Party,” and Charles Gargiulo, with a selection from his 100,000-word memoir about Lowell’s Little Canada neighborhood of his youth.

Among the other contributors are novelist Ernest Hebert of N.H., historian and writer Bob Perreault of Manchester, N.H., and poet Bill Tremblay, who grew up in central Massachusetts and has been in Colorado for a long time. Kudos to the editors and publishers, particularly, Rhea Cote Robbins and Steven Riel, particularly who worked on my piece.

To read a selection, click on the link and download. Resonance is now reading submissions for its third issue.

My essay “Ste. Therese” about growing up in a French Canadian-American family in the 1950s and ‘60s in northeast Massachusetts is available here

One Response to French Catholic Roots Run Deep

  1. Steve O'Connor says:

    Very nice ethno-reflective essay, Paul. The coincidence of your Uncle Pinky and Kerouac in Florida is amazing. Great job by the other Lowell writers too; anyone with a daughter, in particular, will identify with Emilie Noelle Provost’s “Dinner Party.”