City Council Preview – April 30, 2019

This week’s City Council agenda will begin with 4 Recognitions under the Mayor’s Business.

The first is Lowell Veteran’s Commission Veteran of the Month; the second is Massachusetts Stat e Treasurer’s Office: SoarMA Program.  SoarMA  is a two-year pilot program, that offers seventh grade students seed-funded savings accounts. This initiative is designed to help low-income Massachusetts children and families save for post secondary education and training. The third recognition is of the Cork Ireland Learning City Delegation.   This delegation must be here to attend the first event of organized by Lowell: A City of Learning.  And the last recognition will be for Hoops for Hope.

The Auditor is submitting the Year-to-Date (through March) Budget Report. The 35-page report reviews the first 3 quarters of this year’s budget.

There are 3 Public Utility Hearings; two from Sienna TC Systems, an affiliate of AT & T and one from Axis Engineering on behalf of MCI Metro.


Motion (2/5/2019) by Councilor Karen Cirillo “Request City Manager have the proper department look into the City of Lowell forming a partnership with the Kerouac Project of Orlando, Florida.”

The response was prepared by Henri Marchand, Director of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (CASE).  He writes “The Kerouac Project of Orlando, Florida is a writer in residence, non-profit program in its twentieth year of operation. Its mission is to “incubate” the careers of writers and poets and to “build a literary community that honors the spirit of Jack Kerouac’s legacy…One possibility that has piqued the interest of both the Lowell Celebrates Kerouac (LCK) and Orlando people is to invite one of the Orlando writers in residence to participate in the October Lowell Celebrates Kerouac Festival. Another possibility suggested by LCK is to have someone from the Kerouac Project present a Parker Lecture next season”

Motion (4/2/2019) by Councilor Karen Cirillo “Request City Manager have the proper department give the City Council an update on the Tour de Lowell race. Henri Marchand responded to this motion.  He indicated that a series of meetings have taken place and “We will continue to meet and have discussions with potential race organizing groups to secure a commitment by this fall in order to have ample time for them and the City to develop a new ‘Tour’ event for the 2020 racing and events season.”


The first report is from Jared Alves, Assistant Planner Department of Planning and Development, Div. of Development Services on the VeoRide Bikeshare – Ridership Update.  Since April 2nd, when the program was launched, “the system has survived wind and rain to achieve impressive early ridership numbers. As of midday on April 25, the system of 180 bikes had logged; over 3,315 rides or more than 140 rides per day; over 660 miles ridden or an average of 5 miles per trip; and nearly 2,100 unique riders.” This is in reference to this aquamarine/turquoise bicycles that we see all over the City.

Mark A. Young, Executive Director of the Lowell Regional Wastewater Utility issued a Notice of Water Gate Exercise Program. “The  Lowell Water Utility is initiating a program to exercise water main valves throughout the city… However, exercising of valves on water mains can cause the unintended consequence of disturbing the flow of water in a pipe, particularly when the valves haven’t been operated for a long period of time. This disruption in the water flow can stir up particulate matter that has settled in the pipes (sediment)… During the upcoming valve exercising program, the Water Utility will inform all affected residents and businesses about the program. In order to achieve this, the Water Utility plans on utilizing multiple media platforms to communicate with the public, including road signage and local radio broadcasts.”


Councilor V. Nuon “Request City Manager have proper department review ways to improve traffic and pedestrian safety along Salem Street Corridor.”

Councilor K. Cirillo “Request City Manager have the proper the proper department work with the LRTA to find ways of accommodating our community who take public transportation and are in need of carts for their groceries and strollers for their children, while adhering to the 220 CMR 155.2(25) Seats And Aisles – Aisles And Doorways Kept Clear Of Obstructions.”

Councilor K. Cirillo “Request City Manager have the proper the proper department contact the community stores which are adhering to the plastic bag ban and request that they provide paper bags with handles.”

Councilor K. Cirillo “Request City Manager have the proper the proper department look into providing a concrete base for the monument that is leaning/sinking at Lemieux Park on Mill Street.”

Mayor B.  Samaras/Councilor V Nuon “Request City Council pass a resolution in support of Congresswoman Trahan’s efforts to urge US Census Bureau include Khmer, Hmong, And Lao among the languages supported by the Internet Self-Response and Census Questionnaire Assistance Options for the 2020 Census.”

Mayor B.  Samaras/Councilor V. Nuon /Councilor R. Elliott “Request City Council have City of Lowell Recognize April 17th as Cambodian Genocide Remembrance Day.”