Lowell City Council preview: February 25, 2019

Mimi Parseghian preview tomorrow night’s Lowell City Council meeting:

Although the City Council has been on a two-week hiatus, the agenda is relatively light in the number of items but heavier in content.  There is a motion introduced by Councilor Vesna Nuon and Councilor Ed Kennedy that will help expand civic participation: “Request City Manager review Boards and Commissions to determine whether additional associate and/or alternate members should be added to assist with quorum requirements and to help foster greater public participation.”

Tuesday’s public hearing section will include a revision to the Commercial Vehicle Ordinance with the addition of street restrictions for Maryl Drive, Sparks Street and Olive Street.  The Council discussed these changes during a number of meetings and heard from residents impacted by the changes.


Route 110 Intersections  Motion (1/29/19) by Councilor Vesna Nuon “Request City Manager have Transportation Engineer review the “dangerous” flow of traffic at the intersection of First Street, Bradley Street and State Highway Route 110.”

The response, submitted by Diane N. Tradd, Assistant City Manager/DPD Director, is a 9-page report that includes a map and statistical data.  A suggested proposal to make changes that will reduce accidents at that intersection would cost about $330,000.  “Based on this information, the City and Transportation Engineer recommend that this project proposal be forwarded onto MassDOT for evaluation prior to any further City consideration of this becoming a capital project request. Note that the City and Transportation Engineer are planning to set up a meeting with MassDOT to discuss all active and upcoming projects in the City of Lowell.”

Dwelling House of Hope Motion (1/29/2019) by Councilor Ed Kennedy “Request City Manager instruct DPD to assist the Dwelling House of Hope in finding an appropriate location for a residential program for women.”

The one-page response was submitted by Diane N. Tradd, Assistant City Manager/DPD Director. “The Economic Development Office has since followed up with Ms. Furusa-Mavingire and Pastors Najem and Hernandez to provide them with four (4) private property listings that could potentially meet their needs. Additionally, information was provided regarding the City’s HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) program, which has the ability to partially fund affordable housing projects.”

HCID Utility Work Motion (2/5/19) by Councilor Rita Mercier “request City Manager have proper department provide a report regarding the status and progress of all sewer, water, gas and electricity tie-ins for parcels located in the Hamilton Canal Innovative District.”

The two page report submitted by Diane N. Tradd, Assistant City Manager/DPD Director and it includes a detailed map of the “Utilities Planned/Underway/Completed.”

The informational portion of the agenda also includes a memorandum from R. Eric Slagle, Director of Development Service, explaining the traffic plan the City and Patriot Care have developed in anticipation of the recreational marijuana retail facility on Industrial Avenue.


In addition to the motion mentioned above, there are four other motions.

Councilor Vesna Nuon “Request City Manager work with Middlesex North Register of Deeds, Richard Howe, Jr., to compile a report regarding amount of money paid to the Community Preservation Acts (CPA) by Lowell residents. (Cont. From February 14, 2019)

Councilor Rita Mercier “Request City Manager have Transportation Engineer revisit the traffic light at the corner of Broadway and Pawtucket Streets, in front of the Humane Society, and see if change is possible to a blinking/pedestrian crossing light.”

Councilor Karen Cirillo “Request City Manager have proper department provide City Council with a newly drafted 10 year, City of Lowell Partnership for Change Action Plan to End Homelessness.”

Councilor David Conway “Request City Manager work with appropriate department to develop a report that will explain how the City complies with and implements the Federal and State Law; ‘US Lactation Room Law’.”