Bobby Tugbiyele on LPS HR Director search

Lowell resident Bobby Tugbiyele shared the following letter he sent to Mayor Samaras and others:

Dear Mayor Samaras, Members of the LPS Personnel Subcommittee, and Acting Superintendent Durkin:

I and many community members, especially those who attended the early April School Committee session, ( Read- ) respectfully and earnestly advise against any decision or process that does not take into account previous proposals from the community. e.g- Retaining a firm for the HR Director search. We also respectfully and earnestly advise against any recruitment and hiring decision(s) that forego the recommendations outlined in the recently published LPS HR Audit. While we look forward to HRS, Inc.’s presentation of the HR audit to the Committee in January, we believe there has been extensive debate and history that has shown that poor investment leads to poor outcomes.

When speaking in front of the School Committee in April, it was admitted by several members of the School Committee that the HR function at LPS was an area that historically did not receive the investment and attention it deserved. We think it is safe to say that many findings from the HR Audit validated those sentiments. We believe that, as a community, we are at a critical crossroads with respect to the systems and processes employed within various institutions within our City. We have been exposed to carry excessive amounts of risk to our fiscal health and human capital because of obsolete and oft-times failed practices. There were also glaring concerns from the HR Audit that warrant further discussion around inconsistent practices around equal opportunity and the oft-times circumvention of the hiring process.

With respect to the current and critical search for an HR Director (if that is the title we are going with), we respectfully call on you all not to be reactive. Resist the urge to do business-as-usual. Invite creativity and innovation in this selection process.  Lean on best-practices. Trust that all of the aforementioned will produce results that will serve the City, the LPS district and it’s student body well.

We understand the difficult decisions you all face daily with respect to the integrity of LPS. It is also without a doubt that your service, dedication and love of LPS lead you to do the best you can given existing circumstances. With that being said, we wholeheartedly believe that the process(es) you choose to employ for this hire as well as how inclusive you are, will serve as a test between your expressed values of diversity and what needs to be done to achieve desired results.  To quote Ms. Connie Martin, ‘I’m really hoping we can use this opportunity to get a real creative thinker, and someone who has a real legitimate background in being successful in these diversity hiring efforts. ( Read- )



Bobby Tugbiyele