Lowell in World War One: March 11, 1918 to March 15, 1918

This is the 48th weekly installment of my Lowell in World War One series which commemorates the centennial of the entry of the United States into World War One. Here are the headlines from one hundred years ago this week:

March 11, 1918 – Monday – Sammies go “over the top.” American troops cooperating with French carried out three raids in Lorraine. Yankees in enemy lines for 45 minutes. Concrete dugouts blown up. Material and valuable papers taken. Raid skillfully executed. Secretary of War Baker in Paris. Will confer with General Pershing and inspect US troops. First cabinet officer to visit Europe since US entered the war.

March 12, 1918 – Tuesday – 95,000 drafted men called for March 29. 2069 men from Massachusetts will be called. Another big American raid. 60 German planes raid Paris. May bring British tank to Lowell. A strong effort is being made by Sgt Healey of the local British recruiting office to have one of the famous British tanks visit Lowell next month. Name valedictorian and salutatorian. Bridie M Sheridan and Albert Bourgeois were today named the salutatorian and valedictorian, respectively, of the 1918 class of Lowell High School. Ms. Sheridan is the daughter of William and Margaret Sheridan of 66 Newhall street. Albert Bourgeois is the son of Pierre and Fabiola Bourgeois. In 1915, his brother Raymond, was also the valedictorian.

March 13, 1918 – Wednesday – American gunners cause fires and explosions behind enemy lines. Yankees giving Germans little rest. Raids into enemy positions being carried out successfully. Three Zeppelins raid England. Bombs dropped on Hull. House demolished. Woman killed.

March 14, 1918 – Thursday – Huns flee when Yanks appear. Do not remain in the trenches but rush to rear lines. Increased fighting on Western Front. To reorganize Russian army. Trotzky will oppose ratification of German peace terms. American Woolen Mill today announced a 10 percent increase in wages for its 30,000 employees. This is the third increase by the company in a year.

March 15, 1918 – Friday – Complete Russian surrender on anniversary of Czar’s abdication. All-Russian congress of Soviets ratifies peace treaty with Central Powers. Germany takes thousands of miles of land. Russian army must demobilize. First permanent advance by US troops in France. Trenches which Germans were forced to abandon have been consolidated with American first line. Lowell man enlists for service in Ireland. Edward Staples has been accepted at the local navy recruiting station as a carpenter’s mate for the aviation construction unit that is being assigned to duty in Ireland. Frederick Ayer dies in Georgia.