The Old Question: Which Side Are You On?

Former FBI director James Comey speaks out on the GOP attacks on the agency.


We are at a very weird stage of our democracy,” former FBI counterterrorism special agent Ali Soufan told The Daily Beast on Thursday. “It’s not just about the FBI. It’s about loyalty to the president, or loyalty to the Constitution. We are at a crossroads. We need to fight back. It’s probably the most important fight in modern American history.”

One Response to The Old Question: Which Side Are You On?

  1. Charle C says:

    This is easy, corruption was involved . Anybody
    Defending the Democrats now are Blind to Justice.
    There position is not creditable, and divisive . I was member
    Of the party of the blue collar worker. That’s gone now,
    Replaced by foolish people not capable of handling the truth.
    Clean the party of followers, replace with leaders. I miss
    The days of Tip O’Neal, and Ronald Regan.