Page’s Restaurant at the Clock in the Square (Beverages)


Ink drawing of Page’s Clock by Richard Marion, c. 1975

(Menu text from the 20th century, maybe early 1940s)

Page’s Restaurant

At the Clock in the Square, Lowell, Massachusetts

Wine List, Cocktail Bar

Main Dining Room … Private Dining Room (Second Floor)

Fountain Specials on Back Page


Straight or Highball

Penn. Maryland Duluxe .25

Paul Jones Four Star .30

Seagram’s 7 Crown .30

Seagram’s 5 Crown .25

Four Roses .30

S.S. Pierce Bourbon .30

Calvert’s Reserve .30

Golden Wedding .25

Shenley’s Black Label .30

Shenley’s Red Label .25

Rock and Rye .30

National Eagle .25

Blended Whiskies

Old Hermitage .35

Old Overholt .30

Seagram’s V.O .35

Seagram’s Ancient Bottle .35

Mt. Vernon .30

Old Taylor .30

Old Crow .30

Canadian Club .35

Old Grand Dad .30

Blue Grass .30

To Be Continued . . .

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