2017 Lowell City Election Results

City Council

  1. Vesna Nuon – 7518
  2. Edward Kennedy – 6483
  3. John Leahy – 6114
  4. Bill Samaras – 6094
  5. Rita Mercier – 5730
  6. Jim Millinazzo – 5688
  7. Rodney Elliott – 5447
  8. Dave Conway – 4974
  9. Karen Cirillo – 4973
  10. Sokhary Chau – 4756
  11. Dan Rourke – 4729
  12. Cory Belanger – 4722
  13. Jim Leary – 4666
  14. Joe Boyle – 4170
  15. Martin Hogan – 4082
  16. Matt LeLacheur – 4055
  17. Dan Finn – 3920
  18. Robert Gignac – 3524

School Committee

  1. Jackie Doherty – 6360
  2. Robert Hoey – 6030
  3. Connie Martin – 6024
  4. Dominik Lay – 5637
  5. Andy Descoteaux – 5107
  6. Gerry Nutter – 4799
  7. Dennis Mercier – 4709
  8. Noelle Creegan – 4670
  9. Timothy Blake – 4501
  10. Dan Shanahan – 4374

Referendum Question on LHS in downtown

Yes – 7254
No – 4629

6 Responses to 2017 Lowell City Election Results

  1. Bob McCarthy says:

    The election certainly did a lot to demonstrate that ward 1 participation, and the targeted misinformation of the DT PAC spending 30,000$ last month certainly helped secure a fair representation of the cities entire city voter block. 12,000 voters turned out! The city is estimated to have 116,000 people living within it, and 64, 000 of that total is registered. How curious the top voting ward with 35% plus participation had no other close participating wards. So how does this election tell the city or speak for the city, or provide any real information other than the predominantly Belvedere candidates that suddenly got elected based on the bid to prevent the high school from being build in their neighborhood! It sounds like Belvedere has paid for an outcome that was never in doubt. Heres some doubt; the non binding referendum does not demonstrate that because 7,000 people who weren’t given a choice but only a misleading question did anything but confuse the mater all the more. and 7,000 voters out of the cities 116,000 residents 7 % of them voted in favor of what… we still don’t know! The election was certainly eye-opening; and just wait until the current city council begins the process to appeal the ratified Cawley site; and someone asks them; stop… please provide a complete cost analysis of the two plans including all funded and unfunded mandates based on the MSBA numbers provided, and their guidelines and show us how the plan you want to appeal is not superior to the plan you want to ratify. This would be public right, as the public has never had the opportunity to vote on this matter, and since the election cry of DT PAC and the DT candidates has been that the renovation is the cheaper plan… we’ll what do they have to be scared about!

  2. Anonymous says:

    You bet, enough is enough it’s staying downtown and that’s it. The people have voted! Cawley Stadium should never have been looked at as an option. That was so ridiculous.

  3. Joel says:

    I’m curious if you were pleased or disappointed with the turnout in this election (more than 3000 more voters than in 2015).

  4. DickH says:

    I was disappointed in the turnout. In a state election, 22,000 vote; in a presidential election, 32,000 vote. To go from 10,000 to 13,000 in a city election is a step in the right direction, but it still demonstrates that an enormous number of Lowell residents are disconnected from city government.