Lowell City Council Meeting: June 6, 2017

If you’ve visited expecting the standard report on the city council meeting, sorry to disappoint. I did tune in last night for the special meeting of the council which was intended to provide a mass of information about the various options for Lowell High School. But the information had all been available in written form since Friday on the city website, so there was not much new. Instead, the meeting resembled the closing argument in a trial with councilors making statements or asking leading questions that argued in favor of whichever option they support or oppose. Since I already have a preference, after watching 90 minutes of advocacy, I changed the channel.

I suspect the councilors have all made their decision as to what option they will vote for, although there’s always a chance a vote or two might change by next Tuesday. A couple of councilors have been explicit about their choice, others have not expressly come out for an option, but their comments leave no doubt as to their intent, and another group has been more circumspect, leaving an element of uncertainty.

My expectation is that the vote will split three ways with some for Cawley, some for Downtown Option 3, and others for none of the above since they are all too expensive. I do have a prediction of who will vote for which option, but I’ll keep that to myself for now.

2 Responses to Lowell City Council Meeting: June 6, 2017

  1. Paige says:

    I bought your Legendary Locals book at the National Park gift shop because I enjoyed the one with the orange cover so much.

    Are you planning to run any afternoon or evening Lowell Walks this summer?

  2. DickH says:

    Thanks for buying the books. Lowell Walks begins this weekend. 10 am on Saturday at Lowell National Park Visitor Center. The full schedule of available on this site’s “upcoming events” section in the left column.