Lowell in World War One: June 4 – June 9, 1917

This is the tenth installment of my Lowell in World War One series which commemorates the centennial of the entry of the United States into World War One. Here are the headlines from one hundred years ago this week:

June 4, 1917 – Monday – Kronstadt sailors threaten to attack Petrograd. Intense excitement in Russian capital. Ceaseless counterattacks by Germans on Western Front. Lowell All Ready for War Registration. Booths for registration will be the same as booths for elections; they will be open from 7 am to 9 pm. Final Warning against evasion of draft was issued today by Attorney General Gregory who said that all other matters before the Justice Department will be subordinated to enforcing the draft laws. Governor McCall called on all liquor dealers in Massachusetts to close their saloons tomorrow, Draft day, as they do on election day.

June 5, 1917 – Tuesday – 10 million men register for draft. America stepping forward to do her part in making world safe for Democracy. Polling booths in Lowell filled and surrounded by men seeking chance to register. Long waits, especially in precincts with many who didn’t speak English and needed translators.

June 6, 1917 – Wednesday – Registration Day big success in Lowell. Approximately 11,000 men registered. Many registration stations stayed open until midnight. Lowell in dry column on election day. Mayor O’Donnell had asked all saloons and hotels to refrain from serving alcoholic beverages on registration day; all complied. U-boat sunk by armed US steamer in running battle lasting an hour and a half.

June 7, 1917 – Thursday – US warships off French coast. Big American transport with wheat for American troops has arrived at French port. Naval collier Jupiter carried 15,000 tons of supplies for American forces to come later. Lt Gov Calvin Coolidge will be a guest of Battery B, 2nd Field Artillery, at its first military dance at the armory next week Friday night. Big Flag Raising at A.G. Pollard Store.

June 8, 1917 – Friday –  Victorious British forces hold ground won in great drive into Belgium. General Pershing Arrives in London. The general and his party were met at the dock by dignitaries and were escorted by a band and honor guard. Enthusiastic Send-Off for Lowell Soldiers. Thirty young men who enlisted in the Navy were given an enthusiastic send-off as they boarded a train for Newport, RI from Middlesex street station. Lowell boy youngest Army captain. Charles B Lee, son of Thomas Lee, the well known insurance agent, received his commission as a captain in the regular army although he is only 26 years old.

June 9, 1917 – Saturday – Pershing Meets King George. Big Recruiting Effort Tonight. At the World of Pleasure show on the Lakeview avenue grounds, Corporal McCready will make a last desperate effort to fill up the ranks of the Sixth Regiment companies. Major Redmond of Irish Rifles killed in war. William Hoey Kearney Redmond was a major of the Sixth Royal Irish Rifles and was a member of Parliament. He was well known in the United States which he had visited several times.