Suitcase Stories

On Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 7:30 pm at UMass Lowell’s Durgin Hall, the International Institute of New England-Lowell will honor the contributions of refugees and immigrants at a live storytelling event that will also serve as a fund raiser for the International Institute.

The event, which was recently featured on WBUR radio, will feature foreign and US-born residents telling personal stories of their experience (or of the experience of those who came before them) in settling here in Lowell.

My own experience with Lowell Walks has convinced me that sharing stories in a group setting is one of the most powerful means of communication available to us because it flows from the earliest phases of human development. And while supporting refugees and immigrants has always been important, it is especially true today.

Suitcase Stories is hosted by the International Institute’s “Resettle Together” network in partnership with Massmouth and TripAdvisor.

More information about the Lowell Suitcase Stories event may be found on the International Institute’s website, and tickets are available through Eventbrite.