President Obama’s World View

Jeffrey Goldberg in “The Atlantic” magazine’s new issue has an extraordinary and fascinating long article about President Barack Obama’s view of the world. It’s the most in-depth exploration of the President’s foreign-policy ideas and values that I’ve read in his two terms. For its length and complexity, the publication of this article may be seen as a major moment in the Obama presidency. Like him or don’t like him, one has to agree that he is a thoughtful man. I’ve been grateful to have him as president for more than seven years. In the end, the foreign-policy decisions show up on the streets of Lowell, including the impact on military service members, economic ups and downs, extended family dynamics, and the allocation of federal dollars abroad vs. at home. There are embedded ads in the online article, so the reader has to bear with the interruptions—but it is worth it. Give yourself about 30 minutes for this one. Here’s the link.