Windy City

Our electricity didn’t fail last night; neither did our roof. The wind was so violent by 9 p.m. that I didn’t think either would last. The National Weather Service observations from Hanscom Field in Bedford reports gusts up to 40 mph at that time, but from inside the house, the wind sounded stronger than that.

Out early this morning, there was a lot of clutter on the streets, small branches mostly. But up near the Daley School there were some large tree branches down and presumably some electrical wires. Besides National Grid trucks, there were Lowell police and fire vehicles. According to the National Grid power outage map for Middlesex County, 275 customers in that small neighborhood are without power. That seems to be the only place in Lowell that has an electrical outage now although you shouldn’t be surprised to encounter the after effects – inoperable traffic lights and branches in the road – when you make you way to work this morning.