Lowell School Committee meeting: January 20, 2016

Amy Bisson covered Wednesday’s Lowell School Committee meeting. She opened her coverage with some procedural observations:

Twenty-seven items were posted on this agenda which included an Executive Session to discuss contract negotiations and consideration of contract extensions for two Assistant Superintendents. Although most of the meeting was routine, there were two points that caused longer discussion: STEM at Lowell High and a move to use the PARCC test this Spring.

There appeared to be a glitch posting the packet and agenda on the LPS website for this meeting as it did not appear on the School Committee website until a day before the meeting. While this was resolved in time for the meeting, there is interest from the community in the agenda; it would be beneficial to also see the agenda in time for people to consider the issues being discussed. By also publishing minutes for the Subcommittees, more citizens who are interested in the Lowell School System can better understand the issues facing the schools and understand and even contribute meanfully to the decision-making process.

A retired Lowell Public School teacher, Amy also provides some detailed commentary on the PARCC (i.e., standardized testing) issue.

Please go to Amy’s website and read her full meeting report.