Farewell, Richard P. Howe. Sr.

On behalf of my colleagues at the richardhowe.com blog, I want to share our condolences and thoughts today with our senior editor and publisher, Dick Howe, Jr., and his entire family. Mr. Howe, Sr., will be remembered as an exemplary family man, excellent attorney, Lowell champion, star baseball player, and true citizen. Among his many traits, Richard P. Howe, Sr., demonstrated enormous political courage at a time when Lowell’s future was in the balance and helped move the city forward to the stronger position it holds now.


Richard Howe, Sr., at the dedication of the Howe Bridge over the Merrimack River. (Photo courtesy of J. Myers)

6 Responses to Farewell, Richard P. Howe. Sr.

  1. Steve Gendron says:

    I am saddened by the loss of this great Lowellian. It was an honor to have served with Dick as a member of the City Council in the mid 90s. I will always admire how he balanced being a great family man with successful businessman and exemplary community leader. He is a wonderful role model for me and all those involved in our community today. Best wishes to the Howe family at this difficult time.

  2. Joe says:

    Sorry for your loss. It must be comforting to be able to leave your family name in such capable and worthy hands.