South Common Update

Late yesterday, there were more than 100 young people cooling off in the swimming pool. It was too hot for a basketball game, so the court was empty except for three guys practicing jump shots.

This morning at 6.15 am, a personal trainer had 12 people working out on one end of the sports field. Even at that early hour there were several health-walkers on the blacktop oval around the sports field. A few people had their dogs out for morning exercise.

The re-seeded sports field is greening up slowly. Fortunately, there’s been rain on and off the past few weeks because there is no irrigation on site. The soccer goals are chained to the fence around the swimming pool, sending a message that City authorities do not want soccer being played on the field until the grass is established. If the field is out of use all summer because of the damage caused by the “snow farm,” that will be a loss. I don’t see any alternative, however. Maybe the sports field will be available by September for fall sports. I’ve seen football, lacrosse, and other games on that field in past autumns. Given this experience, I hope there is an alternative plan for snow dumping for the 2015-16 winter. It would be a shame to repeat this summer’s experience and expense with the rehab of the sports field. Again, thanks to City officials and staff for repairing the damage to the South Common. We have to learn from this, however.

As a reminder to all, this drawing below shows what is planned for a renovated, improved, upgraded South Common, based on an approved plan in the hands of the City planning department. I hope this project rises to the top of the priority list soon.


One Response to South Common Update

  1. Mrquake says:

    Interesting that the swimming pool that sees heavy use. Is replaced by a spray pool. I had attended several meetings regarding the plan. I tried to explain the amount of use the pool gets. , along with others. The planners seemed set on the position that a spray pool was going in. Residents opinions be damned.