Lowell City Council meeting: May 12, 2015

Reappointment of Michael Geary to a term of three years as City Clerk.  Council takes up report of Personnel Committee, chaired by Councilor Kennedy who states the committee agreed by a majority vote that the Clerk’s salary should be increased but he states that since two councilors are not present tonight (Mercier and Leahy), the council should delay for a week to allow all councilors to participate.  Passes.

Motion Responses

To plan a large outdoor art festival, Councilor Belanger asks if a definite date has been set.  Susan Halter (COOL Director) says there has been one meeting thus far, they’re looking at the fall of 2016.  Mayor Elliott says the intent of the motion was to close down streets and exhibit art.  Halter says the people on the committee want to include all the arts, not just painting/visual arts.  Asks whether it might be better to start with a more manageable scale the first year.  Councilors complement Halter on the report.  Samaras asks that Halter provide the council with a quarterly report on progress of this event.

Security in Parking Garages.  Parking garages are ‘very safe.”  There is 24/7 security provided by the security company.  People can call and request an escort to their cars at night.  They have improved lighting with more energy efficient lights.

Brian Toner and Jeffrey McDonough appointed to the Conservation Commission.


By Councilor Kennedy to reposition cross walk in vicinity of St. Anthony’s Parish on Back Central Street to better accommodate the parish hall.

By Councilor Leahy for a report on fire-damaged buildings.

Council adjourns at 7:24 pm