Lowell City Council meeting: April 28, 2015

Lowell City Council Meeting: April 28, 2015

Councilors Martin and Mercier absent.

Greg Croteau of UTEC addresses the council (after having spoken earlier at the Youth Subcommittee Meeting).  Gives information about UTEC’s accomplishments such as only 15% of their clients being re-arrested when the statewide average is 60% re-arrests.  He praises the partnerships between UTEC and the city of Lowell.  This year UTEC will celebrate its 16th anniversary in Lowell.  Mayor Elliott thanks Croteau and UTEC for all the good work the organization does in the city.

Vote to authorize the city to apply for a $355K grant that would be used to improve pedestrian signage and amenities in downtown.  Approved.

Vote to authorize city to apply for a $700K grant for “multiyear multi modal improvements.”  This would be used to address the Swamp Locks/Pawtucket Canal bridge.

Councilor Samaras gives a report on the Youth Subcommittee Meeting.  Explains some of the things UTEC is doing in Lowell.  UTEC’s clients are usually age 13 to 23, often gang-involved, without high school diplomas, sometimes prior record.  UTEC’s approach is to build up relationships with their clients and with other entities, particularly the police.  Reduce recidivism, educational attainment, increase employment are their goals.

May 19 at 530pm will be a transportation subcommittee meeting to discuss the LRTA.

Motion by Councilor Mercier (who is absent due to recent knee surgery) to have traffic engineer check intersections in downtown where traffic makes turns onto streets on which pedestrians have a crossing light.

By Councilor Leahy to have city work with town of Tewksbury to repave the portion of Clark Road near the Lowell/Tewksbury line.

By Councilor Belanger requesting an update on the joint marketing plan between the city of Lowell, UMass Lowell, and the Lowell Plan.  Manager Murphy says all three entities have agreed to the financial contributions each will make; they are now working on the strategy for using that money.

Meeting adjourns.