Lowell Art Archives, 1981 (4)

This is the fourth and final post in a series drawn from Artifacts, the newsletter of Art Alive!, an artists cooperative that was active in Lowell in the 1980s.–PM


ARTIFACTS, Volume 1, Number 6 (1981)

Success: Our first major fundraising event can be considered a success! We raised $250 from our Open House and $1250 from our auction. Special thanks to Ken Harkins, our auctioneer. In addition, two local bands, Wood n’ Steel and Blind Owl, agreed to do a benefit performance for additional salary aid. It is scheduled for Saturday, July 25, at the Speare House. … Be proud! We all cared. We all helped. We all proved what true compassion could accomplish. Our gallery curator David Ray is back!

Farmers and Artists Market: Open on Fridays, starting June 26, from 10.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m., at Lucy Larcom Park. ….

Selective Service: We are establishing new committees so every member will have a chance to be directly involved with our success. … This is your opportunity to make that needed difference! Curator, Documentation, Exhibits, Fundraising, Grants, Hospitality, Maintenance, Marketing, Workshops …

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Please bring your work of Fantasy to our next meeting ….

Panel Art: Our new display area is ready for those artists seeking a cost-efficient method of displaying their art. Unframed, but protected work (acetate/shrink-wrapped),  will be displayed on covered panels. Please, only two works per artist. Work due June 2.

Side Window Exhibit: A tribute to fathers for Father’s Day. ….

With Pen and Ink: “The Drive-In,” a poem by Betsey Bolton. “Cars drive in./Two dollars to see:/children in pajamas,/six-packs of beer,/lovers./Honking horns start the show,/And speakers crackle at the window,/Intermission./Insecure men talk of conquests./8 minutes  till show time./Wicked ladies spend a dime for a spray/of Evening in Paris./Two girls giggle enroute to enjoy/Wholesome hamburgers and refreshing colas./3 minutes till show time./In the rear view mirror, a young boy kisses a girl./And a fat man with a hot dog is lost./Honking horns start he show,/And speakers crackle at the window./Goodnight./Please remove the speaker from your car window./People sit up./Defrosters on high./Headlights flash on./Cars drive out.


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