President Obama in Selma: “The Single Most Powerful Word in Our Democracy Is ‘We’.”

If a speech can make a difference, this is one. President Obama did well in Selma, Alabama, yesterday. “Our march is not over.” “Moral imagination.” “The single most powerful word in our democracy is ‘we’.” “What has not changed is the imperative of citizenship.” “Give voice to the voiceless.” This is Walt Whitman crossed with Langston Hughes. The catalog of names and places is a stirring shout-out to America written large. This speech ought to be packaged as a book in print and electronically and distributed widely and wildly. If you can watch and listen for 30 minutes, take the time. Or make an appointment to check it later. I’d say “home run” here. He’s never been better. He’s standing at a bridge. Good symbol.

Here’s the video link to President Obama’s speech in Selma on March 7, 2015.

Here’s the link to the text if you don’t have time to watch the video.