Winterfest postponed! St. Patrick’s Breakfast Now A Dinner!

Two important Lowell annual events get a change of date and a change of face!

The 2015 Lowell Winterfest event is postponed from this coming weekend to the weekend of March 13-14. Too much snow has caused the City Manager and organizers to reschedule since the DPW workers are just too tied up with snow removal and other snow issues to work on the Winterfest set-up… including thing like the Human Dogsled race course and other staging. More details to follow.

On another front… I guess the rumor I heard was true – there will be no St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast in Lowell this year… it will be a St. Pat’s Eve early dinner event at the UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center starting at 5 pm with dinner served at 5:30pm. I assume this start time is so the downtown working crowd will still attend – time is all important. I hope it works because the event proceeds are much needed funds as they have been over the years. The new time and style lets both State Senator Eileen Donoghue and City Manager Murphy put their own imprint on the event! I do wonder though what it will be called. I won’t miss stale political funnies but I do prefer breakfast to a corned beef dinner!

March will be full-up – even overflowing – with traditional events and those postponed and rescheduled because of the historic blizzard and other record-breaking snow storms. We will update the blog with a March Calendar of events!

2 Responses to Winterfest postponed! St. Patrick’s Breakfast Now A Dinner!

  1. Marian O says:

    The Hibernians and St. Patrick’s Irish Week have a St Patrick’s day dinner every year. What’s the point of a second dinner, possibly asking a lot of people to make a choice? Although they would be on different nights the cost might make some have to pick and choose,

  2. Craig H says:

    It’s discouraging to me the city administration could not successfully recognize this year’s original Winter Fest schedule as a one-in-a-lifetime PR opportunity for the City of Lowell. We are in the news for being the #1 snowiest city in America right now. The repeated blizzards here have captured the attention of the entire world. (Colleagues of mine from Europe are daily asking me about it). Who can’t imagine the instant hit that video of a human dogsled race in these conditions would have in today’s viral news world? Yes, it’s a burden on those currently being relied upon to clear the streets, and a public safety challenge. However, while we’re all working together to make Lowell as world-renowned locus of education, arts, culture and history, a little extra effort right now would go a long, long way. Oh well… Let’s just talk about parking…