“Meanderings” by Jim Peters

Usually, when I am asked where to find inspirational quotes, I say to go to one of four sources; The Bible, Shakespeare, or Mark Twain, or Abraham Lincoln. Today, in direct defiance of my instructions, I found one of the best quotes I have ever heard or read in Aesop, the famous Greek slave who was also the great man of letters. He said, “No act of Kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” That is why my television show, also called “Peters’ Principles” never uses someone for a scapegoat. We do not belittle people. Not that we do not ask direct questions, we do, but they are never meant to make a person uncomfortable. They are always meant to get an answer, but, even if I disagree with the answer, never is it meant to put someone on the spot. And, we seem to be doing OK with it. The number of guests just keeps growing, and after seventeen episodes, we have yet to use a main guest twice.

So, what is the point? The point is that you should watch. We are on on Monday mornings at 9:30 and on Wednesdays at 7PM. Mondays are in the AM. The point also is that I agree with Aesop. No act of kindness is ever wasted.

Where else is my mind wandering? I did a lot of research to put together a blog on St. Patrick’s Church. It is amazing, when you are writing about something as well-known as Lowell’s first Irish Catholic church, and how difficult that is. If you make a mistake, virtually everyone knows about it. So you have to be careful to put together a cohesive and comprehensive document that can stand the test of time. I do not know if I did that, but I tried. There were some grammar mistakes. But the blog was as close to truthful as I could make it.

I have a book coming out on the Lowell Motor Boat Club. You may think that that is too limited, but the first steamboat on the Merrimack River was in 1803, and was called the “Merrimack.” It had a three foot draft, which is the depth of the water to the place where the water is displaced. Thus, it is the bottom of the hull to the surface of the water. That slight draft allowed the boat to journey one day from Lowell (Chelmsford at the time) to Concord, New Hampshire.

I do not know what the title of the book is going to be, but I will bet that John Marchand has an idea. John is a person associated with the club since the 1950’s. He came up with the title of this blog. He is very sharp and quick-witted. Unfortunately, he chose to move to Dracut, so Lowell loses one of its major figures.

In other Meanderings, I have had my bicycle fixed, only to realize that I cannot ride it because of inherent dizziness. So, it is there for my visitors and their friends to ride. I had it fixed at the City Bicycle Shop on Market Street in downtown Lowell. I spent most of my Christmas money in downtown Lowell. I bought rings, earrings, and sweaters at Humanity; I bought toys at Rogers Toys and Pools; and sewing machines at the Quilt Museum. Plus I bought a great many Lowell items at the downtown National Park Giftshop. My kids said it was my best Christmas ever. There is alot of shopping to do in downtown Lowell.

In other news, my son moved out, literally across the street. He found an apartment and moved in with a good friend. You might have seen the friend driving a city bus because that is what he does. They are good friends from way back. They should be able to handle an apartment together.

Another son is a photographer. He does amazing work. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a photographer. My third son (I have My Three Sons & a daughter), is a first responder. He is a paramedic in a suburb of Worcester. When I hear of first responders, I naturally think of him. My daughter is finishing up at the University of Mass – Lowell. And, my wife teaches. I am the only one doing any sort of volunteer work. But, as many retirees can attest, volunteer work takes up a great deal of time. I recently joined the St. Vincent de Paul Society at my church.

So that is my mind and its travels. Not too far from home, just far enough. Now, if I can just get the Mayor on the show, I will be happy. We were supposed to shoot before Christmas, but the sad death of William Taupier and a couple of other small things resulted in it being postponed. Hopefully, we can get it going again. Celine, his Assistant, is tired of seeing me.