Motion to Divest Lowell from Investments in Fossil Fuel Companies

Jay Mason of 350MA of Greater Lowell shares the following:

To all friends of 350MA of Greater Lowell:

DIVEST LOWELL: Request for a motion regarding a resolution for divestment from fossil fuel investments. Come to Lowell City Council meeting on Tuesday, 12/9, 6:30pm. Help us support this important policy breakthrough!!

The environmental group 350MA of Greater Lowell is asking the city to support a divestment resolution which requests the city approve language stating that the city of Lowell wishes to join other communities such as Cambridge, Springfield, Framingham, Concord, Sudbury and Boston in withdrawing any future city funds from investment in fossil fuel companies and supporting a move toward statewide divestment for state investments.

Since the city of Lowell has no current investments in fossil fuel companies this resolution would be used to demonstrate an intention for future policy and not affect current city investments. The resolution also calls for Lowell to support state divestment from the pension fund- PRIT.

Anyone wishing to register to speak may call in the City Clerk’s office at 978- 674-4161 or if they arrive at the city council chambers before the meeting starts (before 6:30pm) on the day of the motion, 12/9, Councilor Rita Mercier will take their name and register them so that they can speak. Lowell is getting a resolution on divestment to vote into our public policy! Come be a part of the support to get it passed!!